Steel Drum For Sale

Open-head steel drums and barrels are among the most popular, most reliable and most common storage and shipping units for hazardous materials. Constructed with reliability and versatility in mind, steel drums and barrels offer a safe and convenient medium for a wide variety of materials and substances. Container Distributors Inc. provides 30- and 55-gallon steel drums that meet UN rating standards, allowing you to choose the ideal container that meets your needs.
To keep costs down, you can order new and reconditioned steel drums with many different styles and designs. All drums meet strict integrity and design standards to ensure they are structurally sound. Open head steel drums and barrels are constructed from high-quality carbon steel and offer exceptional durability and longevity. These drums are suitable for the intense demands of transport and shipping, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor storage applications. The interior is coated with a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion and to prevent contamination of the materials inside.

The Reconditioned steel drums have a UN rating of 1A2/Y1.2/100 suitable for liquids and solids, as well as items in packing groups II and III. The drums also meet DOT standards 49 CFR 173.3. The New steel drums have a UN rating of 1A2/Y1.6/200 and are suitable for liquids and items in packing groups II and III. We also inventory a dual marked UN rated steel open head drums with a UN rating of 1A2/Y1.8/200 and 1A2/X400S for liquids and solids.

Painted with a black exterior, white labels, writing and branding will be highly visible. Covers for the steel drums are equipped with EPDM gaskets to keep liquids safe, and include a choice of bolt or UN-qualified lever locks. The drums may also be lined with a phenolic coating that resists corrosion and chemical reactivity, depending on your needs. Overpack drums and salvage drums are also available in 85-, 95- or 110-gallon sizes.

Call Container Distributors at 800-366-5098 to learn more about these open-head steel drums and barrels or to place an order today.


  • Carbon Steel Drum, Open Head, Capacity 55 Gal, Height 34 1/4 In, Overall Height 35 1/4 In, Inside Dia 22 1/2 In, Outside Dia 23 1/2 In, Rolled and Formed, Carbon Steel, Interior Coating Mild Rust Inhibitor, UN Rating Solid 1A2/X430/S, UN Rating Liquid 1A2/Y1.8/300, dual rating. Also, UN Rating Liquid 1A2/Y1.6/200, Thickness 1.2 mm, For Use With Packing Groups I, II and III of Hazardous Materials, All Black, Standards DOT 49 CFR173.3
  • Carbon Steel
  • UN-Rated Transport Drums
  • Covers are EPDM-gasketed with either bolt or UN-qualified lever lock. Lever lock ring requires no tools, torque, or ring gap measurements.
  • Lined drums have a modified phenolic coating that resists corrosion and chemical reactivity. Unlined drums have been treated with a mild rust inhibitor.

Overpack drums / salvage drums (85 / 95 / 110 gallon) can be ordered by calling 1-800-366-5098