Closed Head Steel Drums for SaleClosed Head Drums – 55 Gallon or 30 Gallon

Also called 55 Gallon or 30 Gallon Barrels


Closed-head drums used for shipping hazardous materials are subjected to strict requirements. Container Distributors Inc. provides a full selection of steel barrels and steel drums, including the 55-gallon streel drum or 30-gallon steel barrel. Choose between new or reconditioned 55-gallon barrels with a closed lid and a UN rating of 1A1/Y1.8/300 for reconditioned and 1A1/X1.8/300 for new drums. Each has been tested to meet drop, stack, leakproof, hydrostatic and vibration tests. The 30- and 55-gallon closed-head steel drums are suitable for transporting hazardous substances in category II and III, and are available lined or unlined depending on your specifications. All drums are painted black as well providing a consistent and clean product for labeling or branding.