20 Gallon Lock Rim Fibre Drum w/ Snap Ring

In-Stock! 22, 30, 44 and 55 Gallon new and used fibres. Lock Rim Fibre Drums


Lock-rim fiber drums are safe, reliable, sturdy and environmentally friendly. The 55-, 44-, 30-, and 22 -gallon lock-rim fiber drum use a secure locking mechanism with a snap ring to keep the lid firmly in place and prevent spills. With a variety of different sizes, you can easily select the drum that best suits your needs. Container Distributors Inc. provides new and used lock-rim fiber drums in different sizes, all of which meet safety, durability and leakproof tests. Not all Lock-rim fiber drums are intended for hazardous materials; please check UN safety standards and guidelines before shipping or storing hazardous materials. For more information on this or any item, contact Container Distributors Inc. at 800-366-5098.

square fibre drums for saleSquare Fibre Drums


Square fiber drums offer a variety of benefits not provided by round drums. They are especially useful when storing or transporting certain materials or working in tight areas. Container Distributors Inc. supplies 20-gallon square fiber drums with slip-top lids that can be easily opened. The square drums can be more easily stacked and shipped than round drums, leaving no empty space between each item. The 20-gallon square fiber drums are UN rated and suitable for shipping and storing some hazardous materials. For more information on ordering and specific UN ratings, contact Container Distributors Inc. at 800-366-5098.

New 3 Gallon Open Head Fibre Drum – Unrated