Drum Film and Shrink Wrap for Plastic DrumsDrum Film


Container Distributors Inc. provides a variety of pails, buckets, boxes, drums and barrels, as well as packing materials and other accessories to make shipment and storage easy and safe. Drum film for steel and plastic drums can be used to wrap shipments together to prevent slipping or to prevent the drums from knocking together during transport. Drum film helps to prevent damage to the drum, keeping hazardous materials safely locked inside, and also preserves the life of the drum so it can be reused. Drum film can also be used to prevent moisture from damaging or beading on steel or plastic drums, deterring rust and corrosion. Drum film is available in a case of four 375-foot rolls of 18-inch wide, .80-gauge rolls.

Drum Liners for Plastic Drums and Barrels

Drum Liners


For businesses seeking to preserve the life of their drums, make clean-up faster and easier, or limit contact of transported solutions or solid waste with the interior of drums, drum liners are the ideal solution. Container Distributors Inc. supplies 55-gallon drum liners for steel and plastic drums made from 4-mil clear plastic. If you are working with liquids or solids that are prone to staining or sticking to the inside of the barrel, 55-gallon drum liners can solve the problem for you. When working with hazardous substances, the extra plastic liner will help to maintain the integrity of the steel or plastic drum longer. Drum liners are available in cases that include 50 liners each.

Drum accessories can be ordered by calling 1-800-366-5098