Lock Rim Fibre Drums

Lock-rim fiber drums from Container Distributors Inc. are safe and sturdy and feature a secure locking mechanism that will prevent spills from taking place. They are considered one of the most eco-friendly shipping and storage fiber drums for hazardous materials, however, not all hazardous materials are intended to be stored in lock-rim fiber drums. Before ordering, be sure to check the UN safety standards and guidelines.

Lock-rim fiber drums come in 22, 30, 44 and 55-gallon sizes and pass a variety of safety, durability, and leak-proof tests, taking the place of metal and plastic drums in many instances. To order yours, contact Container Distributors Inc. at 800-366-5098 today.

In-Stock! 22, 30, 44 and 55 Gallon new and used fibres.



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