Square Fibre Drums

While the round fiber drums offered by Container Distributors Inc. are UN rated and ideal for shopping and storing some hazardous materials, so you should always double check before placing your order. If you do choose to utilize square fiber drums for hazardous materials, waste and substances, you’ll find that they can be much easier to transport than their round counterparts. They can also be used more efficiently in tight spaces, leaving very little open space, and their slip-top lids make them easier to open. While it is much simpler to stack and ship square fiber drums, and they can be used to store most of the same hazardous materials as round fiber drums, making them an all-around great choice. This is why more and more people are turning to square fiber drums for their hazardous material needs.

Square fiber drums are available in 20-gallon size through Container Distributors Inc. Call us at 800-366-5098 today to place your order.



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