The Importance of Drum Liners

Does your company ship materials, hazardous or otherwise, inside of drums on a regular basis? Then you probably use drum liners when you do it. Drum liners are a very important part of the shipping process. Check out a few reasons why it’s so essential to use drum liners whenever you place materials into a drum for shipping purposes.

They keep drums clean.

First and foremost, using drum liners inside of your drums will keep your drums clean at all times. Drum liners won’t allow materials to touch the drums themselves, which will result in cleaner drums overall. They will also keep the rims of your drums clean as well as the heads of the barrels. If nothing else, you will enjoy cleaner drums when you have drum liners handy.

They offer up protection for surrounding areas.

Drum liners will do more than just protect your drums from getting dirty. They will also keep the areas surrounding your drums clean, too. They will cut down on the possibility of materials leaking, and they will stop materials from spilling over the sides of your drums. Drum liners are designed to keep your materials contained so that you won’t ever have to worry about them causing contamination during a shipment.

They allow you to use drums for shipping various materials.

Some companies may opt against using drum liners and dedicate certain drums to shipping certain materials. If your company only ships one or two types of materials, this might be okay, but why would you want to have to dedicate a drum to one material when you could use it for any material simply by using a drum liner? Drum liners are well worth the investment for this reason alone, as they will protect the integrity of the drums they are placed in.

You can purchase a large 50-pack of drum liners directly from Container Distributors and start using them now. They are made to fit inside of 55-gallon drums. Call 800-366-5098 today to place your order.