The Benefits of Fibre Drums

Fibre Drums Back in the early part of the 20th century, fibre drums were first introduced to the marketplace. Constructed out of fiberboard and removable lids made out of either plastic or steel, they were highly effective when it came to storing and shipping a wide variety of items. From food to hazardous chemicals, fibre drums are currently used to store and ship an assortment of things, and there are so many benefits that come along with using them. Check out a few of those benefits below.

They are lightweight.

One of the first things you’ll notice about fibre drums is how lightweight they are. Even though many of them are available in sizes as large as 55-gallons, you can typically maneuver them easily since they are made out of lighter materials. This makes them easy to store and ship, and you can usually save a lot of money in shipping costs when you choose fibre drums over other packaging options.

They are very sturdy.

While fibre drums are known for being very lightweight, they are also incredibly durable. When you snap the lid onto a fibre drum, you won’t have to worry about anything spilling out. You also won’t have to worry about fibre drums breaking or cracking as long as you handle them properly. Their design is built to last and will keep whatever is inside safe.

They are good for the environment.

In addition to being lightweight and sturdy, fibre drums are also good for the planet since they are made out of materials that are renewable and can be recycled. You can use them over and over for many purposes when you purchase them. It has made fibre drums the preferred storage and shipping solution for many companies.

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