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The Different Types of Hazardous Waste And Why You Should Have the Right Waste Containers on Hand

The Different Types of Hazardous Waste And Why You Should Have the Right Waste Containers on Hand

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with what hazardous waste is and why it’s harmful. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that there are several types of hazardous waste that are out there and each needs to be handled differently. Let’s take a look at the four main types of hazardous waste to get a better understanding of each of them.


More often than not, corrosive hazardous waste refers to the various acids that exist. This type of hazardous waste is capable of wearing away at other substances and destroying them in the process. It’s extremely important for anyone who is transporting corrosive hazardous waste to do so in the right kind of container to prevent it from eating away at the container and spilling.


Ignitable hazardous waste is another type of hazardous waste that always needs to be handled very carefully during both storage and transportation. It can burst into flames at a moment’s notice when it isn’t stored and moved around with care. It’s also capable of producing vapors that can be very harmful to those that are situated around the hazardous waste when it catches on fire.


When reactive hazardous waste is stored in containers on its own, it shouldn’t present too much of a problem. But if it’s ever able to encounter certain chemicals, it could produce an explosion and send poisonous gases streaming out into the air. It’s important to keep reactive hazardous waste far, far away from any chemicals that could cause it to explode.


While toxic hazardous waste might sound like the worst type of hazardous waste, it usually won’t present any issues unless someone swallows it or absorbs it in through their skin. Toxic waste should always be kept out of the reach of humans.

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